That forgotten creative vein.

Every year I promise myself the same thing:  Pick up the camera every so often, please.  Take some real photos.  Not that iPhone photos aren’t real photos.  I’m sure I’ve captured many treasured moments that would have otherwise been forgotten if the gadget attached to my hand didn’t have the capability to take awesome pictures.  And I suppose it’s reassuring to know that I still have that knee-jerk reaction every time something catches my eye.  Hurry, grab a photo of that!

But it’s different when I tell myself to make time to be creative again.  Since diving into academics, doing anything that is remotely related to my undergraduate degree in art really involves planning:  as in, taking out the calendar to see when I have free time.  No tests, classes to teach or classes to attend, papers due, etc.  The free time is usually taken up sitting on the couch telling myself I should be doing something more worthwhile of my tiny bit of free time, or justifying my laziness by recounting how hectic the week has been.

This year, however, I think I will try once again.  I’ll do a photo a day challenge using my real camera as often as I can.  Which also means actually processing the photos I take, which is usually the roadblock in the whole creative process.  I should also tell myself that in addition to taking photos, also take them correctly so I don’t have to spend too much time mucking around with them afterwards.

I’ve tried these same challenges year after year and I usually fall short, maybe making it into October before realizing my life is just way to crazy to be documenting it day after day.  But maybe this year will be different.  And if it’s the same as every year when I decide it’s impossible, then maybe I can turn it into a weekly challenge.  Heck, even at this point a photo a month would suffice.


Five days away.

Today is Day 4.  No worries, no concerns.  Just an opportunity to just be.  The person who sits here writing this blog entry is a little different than the person who arrived at O’Hare International Airport early Sunday morning carrying a backpack full of magazines and gym choreography to learn.  Most of it has been untouched.  Normally the last full day of being away would be full of foreboding, lamenting the things I didn’t get to accomplished while being away from the usual responsibilities of family, work, and school.  But right now it’s not that much of a concern.

After tomorrow I can worry about all the usual things.  The bloated belly from the overindulgence of red wine, the out-of-whack sleep schedule, the inability to lift the bar over my head when I’m back in the aerobics studio teaching.  But for now, I’m enjoying the company of family, the comfort of my pjs, and the much-needed Northern California rainfall.

On second thought, I’m not going to worry about a single thing when I get home.  After all, what a blessing it will be to be able to spend Christmas Day with family from afar, then hopping on a plane to be with my family back home.

The next step.


Without further ado, I have to announce it here even though I’ve been in absentia longer than I’ve been giving this blog any attention.  But it’s a milestone event because I start graduate school in January.  Eek!

My admittance was hinging on my essay, which I finally submitted at the eleventh hour.  Then today I unexpectedly received my acceptance via email.

I am actually vying for a dual master’s degree, but I can’t be considered for the second component of it until I’ve completed the final prerequisite next semester.  Basically I will be attending two colleges simultaneously, which should be interesting.

But I’m in!  It’s onto the next step in my journey to be a grown up.  I can’t believe it.  Master of Public Health, here I come.