Brains! I’m surrounded by Brains!

So yesterday grad school started.  Let me pause for a moment to take a few deep breaths because I’m often overcome by a plethora of emotions, from being over the moon excited to completely overwhelmed.  Granted the two classes that started are online courses, which was a necessity because I decided to start as soon as I was admitted, leaving a few loose ends to tie up regarding my teaching schedule.  And there is still that one pre-requisite at another college that starts in two weeks….

Forgive me.  I had to take a few deep breaths to keep the anxiety at bay.  Because it is really making me extremely anxious.

First came the introductions.  What else would I expect from a Master of Public Health program?  Of course there will be a handful of healthcare professionals, from doctors to dentists, who are already overachievers because of where they are in their careers.  Yet they seek to do more.  Sigh.  And then there is the former marine, the stay at home mom, the handful of social workers.

Meanwhile, I’m just getting started.  The only one with a degree in art.  The only one who hasn’t worked in a health care setting.  I teach group fitness classes – can we get a whoop whoop?

Next came the assignments.  The online courses are eight weeks in length, not ten.  Which should be fine, I told myself, because after all, these courses are meant to cater to people who work full time day jobs.  Yes, these very same people who are clearly overachievers.  And that may or may not include me because here I am venting out my anxiety in my blog instead of analyzing a statistical article that is due tomorrow.



Or perhaps I will after I finally receive my textbooks for the course and catch up with the reading and necessary typed up homework entries on the student forums.  I think I will get this soon.  And then Biochemistry, the last prerequisite, will start at the other school I still attend.  The shit hitting the fan.  Yep, that’s exactly what will happen.