The Introduction.

While I’m not new to blogging, this is my first attempt at a blog in many years.  I created my first blog a decade ago shortly after my son was born, starting off with an entry about a hopelessly tangled garden hose I had purchased from Costco.  From that grew two years’ worth of adventures about life as a mom of three children.  I eventually closed up shop because my life started to resemble that hopelessly tangled garden hose:  complicated, and, quite frankly, a mess.  My feeble attempts at blog entries were sporadic at best.  Life was more easily captured through photos and Facebook blurbs, though admittedly it was much easier to convey a semblance of fun and happiness in short daily summaries.

The past two years I’ve been paving a new career path, so I’ve buried my nose in textbooks.  The trauma of Physics prompted me to take the summer off so that I could relax, spend time with my family, and teach more classes at the gym.  But while my kids have been away with relatives, I was sidelined with a minor injury, forcing me to take it easy and, literally, sit around and do nothing.  I’ve been memorizing choreography, reading books on meditation, chitchatting with my mom and sister.  And basically being bored out of my mind, all the while floating in a haze of muscle relaxers and pain meds.

Then I suddenly remembered that once upon a time I wanted to start blogging again, create some sort of “All About Me” website for my ramblings and photography, and search for that tiny morsel of creativity left in my brain that has gone dormant from too many science classes and the everyday comic strip of Facebook.

So here it is.  A fresh start.